For several years, NESTA has supported NETs through secondary and primary debate competitions. Both the Hong Kong Secondary Schools Debating Competition and the HKPTU English Debating Competition began as NESTA competitions, and we are proud to see these continue as separate entities. Our new goal is to offer NETs and Hong Kong students opportunities to use and apply English through additional competitions. We hope you enjoy and participate in NESTA’s new competitions which will alternate every three years.

2019-2020 Primary Competition

NESTA is excited to offer a competition for primary students this school year as well. Click the link to download the competition flyer with full details: 2019-2020 Character design competition

2019-2020 Secondary Competition

NESTA is eager to continue to support secondary NETs and students through competitions. This year’s competition is created to support the short story module. Download the competition flyer with full details: 2019-2020 NESTA Secondary Competition

Additional Competitions

For EDB competitions, please visit: