NESTA Membership

NETs employed in either primary or secondary schools under the Hong Kong Government NET Scheme, or DSS schools, and those Advisory Teachers (ATs) and Regional NET Coordinators (RNCs) who were originally employed as NETs under the Hong Kong Government NET Scheme shall be eligible to be members of NESTA. Members have full forum access and association voting rights.

NESTA also offers free guest membership to NETs who are considering entering the Scheme. Guest membership gives you partial access to our forum only. To become a guest member, register here or contact our Treasurer with your request at [email protected]

To celebrate 20 years of NESTA, the membership fee has been reduced from $200 to only $100. Membership is annual and valid from 16 August 2018 until 31 August 2019. To save time and reduce papework, most NETs choose to pay $200 for 2 years if they are on a 2-year contract (2018-2020). Payment methods are:

ATM or Online Banking

Transfer funds to HSBC account no: 508-208063-001 via any HSBC or Hang Seng Bank ATM or online banking. Send a copy of the deposit receipt or online acknowledgment to: [email protected]

By Post

Cheque should be crossed and made payable to “NESTA”. Please write your name, contact number, and email address on the back of the cheque and send it to:

NESTA Treasurer
PO Box 97196
TST Post Office



Pay by cash at any NESTA general meeting, social, or professional development event. Contact our Treasurer for more details: [email protected]

Personal Data Policy: By applying for membership, you declare that you are currently a Native English Teacher (NET) employed under the EDB's NET Scheme (primary), Enhanced NET Scheme (secondary), a NET in a DDS, or an AT/RNC employed by the Education Bureau.

You also agree that if your membership expires, your membership will automatically revert to guest member status. You also authorize NESTA to call your school/workplace to verify that you are an EDB NET/DSS NET/AT/RNC and to reconfirm this status every year.

You have also read and agreed with the NESTA Privacy Policy and Code of Conduct

By joining NESTA, you agree to receive occasional emails from our sponsors. Your personal email information will not be given out by NESTA. However, information forwarded from our sponsors to us may be sent through our system. To request information about your personal data or to update/remove your information, contact [email protected]