Executive Members

The NESTA Executive consists of a chairperson, a secretary, a treasurer, a secondary liaison officer, a primary liaison officer, a communications officer, a benefits and welfare coordinator, a professional development coordinator and a social coordinator.

Like a bridge, NESTA provides NETs with structure, support, and a gateway to a number of professional and social activities. The executive is made up entirely of volunteers, yet they take the lead in striving to improve the NET scheme in conjunction with input from NETs.


Michael Agopsowicz
[email protected]


Andrea McCarvill
[email protected]


Michael Liu
[email protected]

Primary Liaison Officer

Samuel Alexander Barbour
[email protected]

Secondary Liaison Officer

Laena Kostianos
[email protected]

B & W Coordinator

Hamada El Mansour
[email protected]

PD Coordinator

Oliver Gosling
[email protected]

Communications Officer

Social Coordinator

Positions Available

Members are encouraged to run for executive board positions. Be a part of the team and make a difference. Contact [email protected].

General Enquiries