Social Events

NESTA promotes social events as a way to develop collegiality with NET teachers and to explore this great city. Regular social activities help us relax in this fast-paced city. They are an opportunity to meet new people and catch up with old friends. Apart from unwinding, the activities also allow us to share our highs and lows of living and working here.

If you have any ideas for future NESTA socials or would like to help out on the Social Committee, please email [email protected].

Quiz Nights

NESTA Quiz Nights are fun-filled pub nights with loads of trivia questions and friendly competition! Join us for a chance to win some excellent prizes, have some laughs, and make some new NET friends!

Amazing Race

Based on the popular reality TV series of the same name, NESTA’s Amazing Race is great fun! NETs work in teams to solve fun puzzles and play hilarious bar games as they race around Central and SoHo. Run for your life!

NET Café

Being the lone NET can be a lonely existence and NESTA NET Cafés are fun-filled nights with opportunities for NETs to network, socialise and chat. Make some new NET friends and join us to shoot the breeze and have some laughs about your job and life!

Holiday Dinner

Holidays are meant to be celebrated and enjoyed and NESTA holiday dinners are festive get-togethers to do just that - happy holidays!