NESTA 2020-21 Primary and Secondary Student Competition winners!

As another academic year draws to a close, we take a look at the roaring success of this year’s primary & secondary competition. At the end of last month, the NESTA Executive met to judge the hundreds of quality student competition entries.

Twenty top submissions were selected, 10 primary and 10 secondary. The top 5 in each group won cash vouchers. All 20 winners will receive books from Scholastic and special certificates, and all entries will get participation certificates.

Top 5 Primary Winners – Grand Champions

Top 5 Secondary Winners – Grand Champions

For pictures of the additional 10 winners, Champions of Merit, log in to theĀ forum.

A huge Thank You to all the students who participated in the NESTA 2020-21 Primary and Secondary Competition, the NETs and NESTA members who encouraged their students to join and supported them in creating the amazing entries, and our wonderful sponsor Scholastic!

Stay tuned for news about next year’s competitions!

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