Educators read books aloud on Facebook

Do you have students that don’t like summer reading? Try this alternative…


The literacy specialists at Walnut Ridge Elementary wanted to keep their kids excited about reading over the summer.

To do that, they’ve started sharing a weekly read aloud on Facebook.

One teacher each week will be volunteering to read a book of their choice in their favorite reading space.

The story will be shared on the school’s Facebook page for the students to watch.

Jennifer Biggers came up with the idea and said it not only allows teachers to connect with their kids over the break, but listening to stories is also beneficial to the child’s overall learning and reading comprehension.

“They have a higher listening comprehension than reading ability, which means that they can listen to more difficult text and understand it than they can access that themselves, so it’s exposing them to vocabulary and language patterns that otherwise they might not acquire,” said Biggers.

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