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Regular social activities help us relax in this fast-paced city. They are an opportunity to meet new people and catch up with old friends. Apart from unwinding, the activities also allow us to share our highs and lows of living and working here. We welcome ideas and help. We especially welcome new NETs. There is sometimes a charge to cover costs.

We are a group of NESTA members who would like to promote social events as a way to develop collegiality with NET teachers and to explore this great city.


Professional Development

Professional Development is vital for our continued improvement as professionals in Hong Kong. PD covers all aspects as educators, from understanding the culture of the Hong Kong classroom to examination preparation to developing our skills in e-learning.

We welcome all NETs to our PD days, and certificates of attendance will be provided.

If you have any enquiries or would like to contributes ideas or can help in any way, please contact

Upcoming Events (Click on the event title to view the details)

Fri 26th May / Start at 19:30 NET Café Wan Chai

Congratulations! You have made it this far and the end is in sight. Celebrate and quench your thirst in Wan Chai. This place has it all: a few quiet dinks, noisy ones, live music or a dance floor to cut up.

Meet from 7:30 at Taboo (Cnr Jaffe and Luard Rds), there's food and relatively quiet for a chat before the band starts at 8:30. Amazonia's resident band starts after 9, so there are plenty of choices.

No need to register, just turn up!

See you there!

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Sat 27th May / Start at 09:30 Shifting Paradigms: Tools for 21st Century ELT

Non-members - email for registration and provide details for confirmation.

Deadline for registration – Wednesday 24 May 2017.


Shifting Paradigms: Tools for 21st Century ELT
Date: Saturday 27 May 2017
Time: 9.30 am – 1 pm (registration & refreshment will start at 9 am)
Venue: EDB Kowloon Tong Education Services Centre

1) Debunking the Learning Styles Myth (9.30 – 10.30 am)
Learning styles are commonly held to be vital to differentiation in the classroom - to individualise learning to meet learners' needs - but does teaching to learning styles actually work? Do learning styles exist? This session will debunk some of the myths about learning styles and give practical suggestions that are proven to work.

Chris Baldwin
Education/eLearning Consultant

***** 10.30 – 10.45 am: Networking break *****

2) Keeping ahead of the game: Digital game-based learning in the English language classroom (10.45 – 11.45 am)
Talk to any of your learners, and the chances are that video games are an important part of their life outside the classroom. Understanding the games learners are into and integrating them into what you do in the classroom will not only help you understand what motivates your learners, but it can also help bring more imagination, curiosity and fun to your teaching. What's more, digital game-based learning enables learners to develop the language and literacy skills they need to succeed at school, university and in the workplace.

In this hands-on workshop you'll try out, discuss and reflect on digital game-based tasks that develop your learners' language and literacy skills and achieve the aims of the Hong Kong primary and secondary curriculum. You'll also learn how to develop meaningful and engaging activities based on the types of games your learners enjoy playing.

Dave Gatrell
Online Teacher Development Coordinator

***** 11.45 am – 12 pm: Networking break *****

3) Digital Tools to Support NET Teachers (12 – 1 pm)
In the last 10 years the “Digital Revolution” has changed the conversation in schools from the issue of access to that of using devices wisely. Schools in Hong Kong have been quick to embrace trends such as STEM but slower to adopt interventions that support every learner to experience success using appropriate, highly motivating resources that have a proven track record. Legislation requiring schools to support access to education for all students regardless of reading ability is forcing a change as is the sophistication of the resources available online and accessible by any device.

In this workshop, you will be shown 3 online resources in use in Hong Kong schools and discuss how schools use them to support English language learners.

Paul McMahon
Digital Learning Consultant

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