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The Native English Speaking Teachers' Association represents approximately one thousand Native English Teachers (NETs) working in primary and secondary schools in Hong Kong under the Enhanced NET Scheme.

NETs are always keen to take advantage of products or services specifically targeted at the expatriate community.

If your business is interested in promoting itself among NETs, then the following options are available to you:


Main Website Sponsor

The main sponsor will occupy the top banner of every page on the website. The space allocated to the main sponsor is the most prominent space on the website and it more likely to attract users’ attention.

3 forum messages (sent to members’ e-mail addresses) included.

Price: 5,000HKD / year

Forum Sponsor

The forum has more than 600 members (including guest teachers). The forum sponsor is allocated a space on the forum entry page to place their logo. In addition, the logo will now be displayed on a daily digest of forum messages sent to members’ e-mail addresses. This guarantees recognition on a daily basis, potentially as much as the main sponsor.

2 forum messages (sent to members’ e-mail addresses) included.

Price: 5,000HKD / year

Website Page Sponsors (maximum of 13)

The page sponsors will continue to occupy the banner under the menu on each page, with the company name and brief description of the product / service at the top of each page. The banners and text will appear randomly on each click. Given the substantial increase in the number of pages and the pages viewed per visit, there is a 50% chance that your banner or text will be viewed on any users’ visit or 15% on any random click.

1 forum message (sent to members’ e-mail addresses) included.

Price: 2,000HKD / year

Mass Email

Sponsors who wish to send a mass email to our membership should contact the Communications Officer at Any potential sponsor would have to send us the content which we would send out through our system to our members.

Price: 5,000HKD / E-mail

NESTA organizes a territory-wide debating competition and also a series of regular Professional Development events for local teachers and expatriate teachers. Sponsoring these events will also be a highly effective way to promote your product or service.

Discounts and Promotions

Another way to promote your business among the expatriate teaching community is to offer NESTA members a discount off your product or service. NESTA members are encouraged to use their membership cards to take advantage of the discounts available. By offering a discount to our members, you will be reaching out to a large number of expatriates and their families, at little extra cost to your organisation. You provide the discounts and we use our website to promote your business on our Member Benefits page. Every member receives regular e-mails about the discounts on offer.

NESTA welcomes one-off promotions from local businesses for special events throughout the year, for example, in September when new recruits arrive in Hong Kong, at Christmas or New Year. Every member will receive an e-mail about your promotional event.

For further information about promoting your business and accessing NESTA members and the expatriate teaching community, please e-mail

We look forward to hearing from you and developing a partnership with your business.

The NESTA Marketing Team.
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