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NESTA (Native English Speaking Teachers' Association)

NESTA is a professional and independent association of teachers living and working in Hong Kong in the EDB Enhanced NET Scheme.

Soon after the beginning of the current NET scheme in 1998, a group of NETs got together informally to help each other with the kinds of problems that inevitably arise when you move into another culture and/or another school system. Before long it was obvious that a more formal structure would give a better mechanism for offering help whenever and wherever it was needed, so NESTA came into existence.

Initially, NETs were all secondary teachers. In 2002 the Education Bureau began recruiting for the Primary NET scheme and so the constitution was amended to ensure that the committee would include PNETs.

NESTA organises a wide range of activities - monthly meetings, member support, EDB liaison, social events, a debating competition and professional development days.

NESTA members are all full-time teachers and the committee is made up entirely of volunteers. Monthly meetings are held at the Mariners' Club in Kowloon. New members are always welcome. Please go to the Membership page or e-mail treasurer@nesta.hk for information about joining NESTA.
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